Restaurant Management Software

Restaurant Management Software

Restaurant Management Software:

Restaurant Management Software with essential feature to manage activity related to Restaruant business. You can manage your waite, client, kitchen and everything from a single platform. It is raelly great hassle for restauratn business owner in Restaurant to get proper information of his business. So that our software make it easy for them to manage all the things in a single place.
Direction Technology make it easy and manageble to your Restaurant Business. You can get your all restaurant management information from our software. This software is best software for your Business.

Restaurant Management Software – Features:
1. User Role wise Login
2. Table wise ordering
3. Table wise ordering
4. Reservation
5. Recipe wise Inventory management
6. Vendor wise purchase
7.Expense Management
8.Stock Management
9.Payment Method
10.Kitchen Management
11.Membership Option
12. Sales Report
13.Purchase Report
14.Inventory Report
15.Raw Material Report
16.Ingredients wise Report
17.Vendor wise Purchase Payment Report
18.Item wise Sales Report
19.Table wise Sales Report
20.Waiter wise Sales Report
21. Terminal Wise Sales Report
22.Time to Time Sales Report
23.Payment Type wise Sales Report
24.Convert to excel only Sales Report
25.Membership Wise Sales Report.
26.Vendor wise Purchase Payment Report
27.More Features

We Deliver software for Restaurant and in different sector of Bangladesh. Our company expertise in restaurant Business sector software and we research to develop this restaurant Management Software and including more feature’s to make your life easy and manageable.

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