Point of Sale (POS) Software

Point of Sale (POS) Software:

Direction Technology make it easy and manageable to your shop and business by using our software. You can get your all Product, Inventory, Stock, Sales and different reports from our software.
POS Software Features :
1. User Role wise Login – Owner and Shop Manager
2. Manage User
3. Store Management
4. Product Management
5. Customer Management
6. Stock Management
7. Inventory Management
8. Purchase Management
9. Highly Secured Software
10.Time Savings
11.Sales Management
13.Purchase Report
14.Sales Report
15.Inventory Report
16.Many More important Report for Super Shop

We Deliver software for Shop, Super Shop, Entrepreneur, Business, Industry, Factory and in different sector of Bangladesh.
Our company expertise in POS Software in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Shop Management Software and including more feature’s to make your life easy and manageable for your business.

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