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NL Solution leading IT Solution based company in Bangladesh. NL Solution provides 24/7 IT support for small and medium bussines’s all across Bangladesh. We create long lasting partnerships with our clients, and have a deep understanding of our clients’ needs. Efficient cooperation can prove expected result with minimal effort. We never start the project without understanding project requirements. Our professionals believe that the key factor for the success of any ongoing project is to build a spotless communication bond with our cli.The flexible and powerful Thrive Platform offers a wide range of IT solutions for all sized business challenges.Contact us today to find out how we can help you.

Vertex is altering the features of the civil construction industry by amalgamating years of experience with a singular passion for outstanding work. Headquartered in Dhaka, capital of Bangladesh, Vertex Innovent was originally created through the combined efforts of young entrepreneurs in the year 1997 with a similar background in terms of industry. Today we are a single, solid organization participating in light and heavy civil construction projects, with focus on Civil and Building, Road & Bridges construction, Environmental Redemption & Maintenance Project i.e. earthworks, excavation, site infrastructure, sewers, drainage schemes, specialist buildings, culverts, roadwork’s, environmental improvements, steel framed structured toll operations and maintenance.

RRP Multimedia is one of the most reputed leading advertising and multimedia production agencies in Bangladesh for its innovative creation since 2015. As an innovative firm RRP Multimedia is producing a number of significant Graphics Design, Printing Documentaries, Docudramas, TVCs, RVCs etc for various organizations. RRP Multimedia is efficient and experienced in making video documentary as well as communication and social awareness materials maintaining the highest level of quality.