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We are professional and skilled experts in all service spheres. We also have skilled experts in web solution. We offer a wide range of services and at the same time.

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Our expert support team will solve any problem for you very quickly. Get 24x7x365 support for your hosting package and all online services.

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Honest & Valuable Advice, Excellent Customer Service, Budget-Friendly Price, Long Term Customer Support After Project.

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We never start the project without understanding project requirements.

Direction Technology leading IT Solution based company in Bangladesh. Direction Technology provides 24/7 IT support for small and medium business all across Bangladesh. We create long-lasting partnerships with our clients and have a deep understanding of our clients’ needs. Efficient cooperation can prove the expected result with minimal effort. We never start the project without understanding project requirements. Our professionals believe that the key factor for the success of any ongoing project is to build a spotless communication bond with our cli. The flexible and powerful Thrive Platform offers a wide range of IT solutions for all sized business challenges. Contact us today to find out how we can help you.

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Corporate Networking

We never start the project without understanding project requirements.

CCTV Networking

Direction technology comes with CCTV camera solutions. We have the best quality video hd cameras. We provide services according to customer demand. We try our best to check his quality properly before doing anything. We sell all CCTV camera products. Please visit to see all our products.. Click Here

Corporate Office Networking

Direction technology provides networking solutions for corporate offices. Corporate office networking refers to cable networking for factory, corporate office. We do computer to computer private networking through cable networking. We build your wifi network through office networking. Visit Corporate Office Networking to see everything. Click Here


We offer CCTV Security systems to suit any budget and we tailor every solution to our customers exact requirements for security Automation system. Our Solution technology include Computer DVR Base CCTV Surveillance, Embedded System DVR (Digital Video Recorder), Modern TCP/IP NVR (Network Video Recorder) Base CCTV Security Solution in Bangladesh. See More


BDIX Hosting Solution

BDIX Super Fast Web Hosting, Buy BDIX Web Hosting at Low Price. We offer secure and fast BDIX web hosting, with a 30 day money bag guarantee. We have our own server at Data Center Bangladesh where all types of backups are well arranged. And we have our own real IP, so if your site is blocked we can fix it quickly. We also have experienced engineers who can solve any of your problems quickly. We provide all types of corporate IT services besides VPS hosting, reseller hosting, corporate hosting, student hosting, email hosting. The main advantage of BDIX web hosting is that you can get the Ping Time of the site hosted on this server within 2ms-10ms. For which all Bangladeshi broadband users will visit your site much faster. If your users have slow internet speed, then they will be able to visit your site at normal speed without any problem. You will be able to visit your site from all countries internationally, another advantage is that even if the international internet of Bangladesh is closed, your site will not be closed.The speed requirements of the website have been increasing with the passage of time. So use BDIX Web Hosting service today to get faster speed of your site.